The Things that You Should Know About Master Rekeying Know that master rekeying would permit you, the business owner for example, to have one key that works with the front door only and also a second key which works on both the front door and also your office and such permits you to have just fewer keys on your keychain. What a lot of people don’t really know is such master keying and such key-a-like aren’t similar. Many customers will contact a complete locksmith and also ask if they can set the business or the home with a master key when all that they like is a key for all of their locks which is just one key for all. Such is what is known in locksmithing as key-a-like. You should consider the key-a-like just like being the same with the car key in the sense that many models are made with just a single key that works on all of the locks for the entire car. The same key which opens the doors of the car and trunk will start the engine as well. You must think of this instead of coming home after a long day and opening four various locks, each with its own unique key. What is worse is that you will have to fumble around for the right key in the dark. What you should do is that you should get one key that would open all the locks at home. This is a simple process and such is safe and helpful and would bring many benefits just like getting one key on the key chain. You should also know that it would be easy for you to store the spare keys with your trusted friend or relative. You won’t also have a problem in managing those important keys in your life from your home to work.
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You should understand that master keying would allow for just one key to control several locks while having each lock with its own separate key. This carries a lot of benefits. For example, when the owner of the company issues employees with one key with access to those front door locks of the company then one key would permit him to not only open the same locks as the key of the employee but also the restricted areas like the personal office. Surely such is a great thing.
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If you need that master rekey for your business, then what you can do would be to call a complete locksmith. You will then be sent with a professional locksmith technician who can work on rekeying the locks as well as pin them so those tumblers would match one or more keys in the same cylinder. Probably, you have 4 locks and you want to have two keys, one that can open all the locks and one which can simply open 3 locks. This can all be done through master rekeying.